Voted International Music Lawyer of the Year at the 2011 DealMakers End of Year Annual Awards


"As a self-managed artist, I was concerned about how to get my music heard by labels and publishers. Martine Alan was incredibly proactive in supporting me and thanks to her my music was heard by a whole selection of A&R managers from major publishers and labels. As a direct result, Martine negotiated my publishing contract with Warner Chappell Music Publishing ending in finalising a deal that I'm extremely happy with. Martine was very committed to making sure I understood everything in the contract and was on-hand 24/7 to answer any questions I had. I've worked with a number of music lawyers in the past but without doubt my experience with Martine Alan representing me has been the best - an outstanding music lawyer.

Martine was fantastic at negotiating my record deal with Decca - her expertise and consistent support resulted in a great experience and outcome."


"I'm very lucky to have Martine in my corner. She's more then just an extremely passionate, dedicated, thorough lawyer, since starting this musical journey together she has been a counsellor, motivator, confidante and also has become a close friend. I would be lost without her expertise, outstanding knowledge of the industry and determination. A vital member of my team...I look forward to working with her for many years to come."


"Martine has always exceeded my expectations of the role of a lawyer, she is an invaluable adviser and has been integral in securing the best outcomes possible for myself in legal affairs and the wider music industry. Martine has a passion for pioneering new artists and goes above and beyond in the best interests of her clients. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm honoured to have her as a part of my team."

Kimberly Anne

"Martine is everything you could want from a lawyer. Tenacious but thoughtful she explains the issues clearly and unlike many lawyers actually listens to what we think and want. She did an excellent job in negotiating and advising on our publishing and recording deals, complete with overseeing a dressing room deal signing before a gig! But most importantly she ensured that the band understood clearly the contracts before they signed them, and at all times ensured that she also understood the bands desires and acted on the bands and managements instructions. The end result is contracts we understand and are happy with!"

Kerstan Mackness manager of Portico Quartet

"Martine did a brilliant job in explaining everything clearly and patiently to us. She liaised well with our manager but was always clear that she worked for us, and was hard-nosed in getting what we wanted, especially with regards to creative and artistic controls. In other words she did a great job, we trust her completely and she is a key part of our team!"

Portico Quartet

“Martine is a brilliant lawyer. As musicians who are entering the music industry rather naively, we feel extremely thankful to have worked with someone who is such a pro. She has explained legalese babble to us in depth, and doesn't rush if it means we will be left with any misunderstanding of what we are about to sign. And we always have a fine selection of fruit and nuts when we meet her!”

Micachu & The Shapes

"I have worked with Martine for the last two years, and am very appreciative of her thorough and efficient approach with a human face! She has been very supportive of both our work and that of my client, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a great asset to any musician's career."

Toby Donnelly co manager of Micachu & The Shapes


Admitted as a solicitor by The Law Society 1993

As an impressionable 17 year old, Martine Alan decided she wanted to be a music lawyer after the combined influences of reading Allen Klein's entry in the book "Expensive Habits", listening to music ranging from Blues to Punk and going to a gig by the legendary Jayne County

She left London to study Law at Christ Church, Oxford for 3 years and then went to the York branch of The College of Law for a further year. Following that she did her training at Clintons. Next came The Simkins Partnership and Searles Solicitors, 2 other West End entertainment law firms. She then went in-house.

From the end of 1996 to February 2001 Martine worked at Zomba and from February 2001 to mid-September 2007 at EMI Music Publishing. During this period of nearly eleven years she amassed on a daily basis varied and in depth experience of music contracts and law arising from the UK, USA and Europe, particularly publishing and producer contracts, being a lawyer for these companies signing high profile acts. In addition, throughout this period Martine has built up extremely good contacts within the music industry and parts of the TV and film world.

Martine Alan Music Lawyer

Martine joined NMD Solicitors on 1st October 2007 retaining EMI Music Publishing as a client. Whilst there she developed a strong artist client base for all types of contracts including, as examples, recording and publishing agreements, management and band agreements and in addition any contracts relating to the music industry. She also acted for some managers and small labels although the majority of her client base remains artist based.

In July 2008 Martine set up her own practice continuing work for her existing and new clients. With this accumulated experience she has been able to work with these clients whilst their careers develop and contracts come their way. She has the advantage as a sole practitioner of devoting the time and attention required to provide a valued personal service.

Martine was asked to act as a Brit Awards judge for 2009 and 2010.


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